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CHERI VOYAGE is created from 25 years of cultivating inspiration through beauty and artistry.

I continue to explore and create through in-person beauty and make-up artist consultations in San Francisco and the wider Bay Area.


I offer seekers of luxury beauty and creativity a place to explore, play and learn. Here you will find new and exciting products, tips, techniques and resources for your aesthetic pleasure.


The site is intended to be easily navigated, informative, creative, and enjoyable.


I am thrilled and grateful that you are here and I hope that you love moving through the visual space.

I truly enjoyed creating this realized dream. 

*All information on CHERI VOYAGE are based on my personal opinion and are 100% my honest opinion. I cannot guarantee that the products that I like or recommend will work for your specific skin type. To help continue to create this content - I use affiliate links, which may allow me to receive a commission for purchases made. Please use the links that I provide to support my channel, thank you.

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